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Adds customizable word prediction options
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Expand the capabilities of word processors and browsers by adding word prediction algorithms with customizable context reactions and vocabulary types for specific topics. The utility is compatible with websites, emails, and instant-messaging applications.

Many people need to write texts on a daily basis. And they not only are writers, journalists or playwrights, but also business assistants, teachers, and even students, among others. This program helps you to write quicker and to avoid spell or syntax mistakes. Despite its very little and unintrusive interface, it has some powerful functions. First, you can choose among different languages and vocabularies; for example, if you write technical reports in English, you can set the program to use technical English to help you write.

Once you have set the program's language, you can activate the predictive function, which suggests you what word to use, based on the first few letters you write. Thus, you can click on the option you need, and the program will write it. This function also has a dictionary, which gives you the definitions and uses of each option so you can choose the one that best matches the aim of your text. The program also can read aloud each word you select so you can check if you are using the right ones in real time. Finally, it can read your entire text so you can correct some mistake or rewrite or correct any part of it. In fact, I used several of these functions to write this review.

Despite all these advantages, the only drawback I found was the cost. Definitely, it is not very affordable. Nevertheless, if you write a lot of texts regularly, you may find it useful to increase your speed and productivity.

The trial version is fully functional during 30 days. If you find it useful and want to use it longer, you will need to purchase a license.

Victor Hernandez
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  • The interface is not intrusive at all
  • Its functions are very useful to write correctly


  • The cost is rather high
  • The installation file is big and takes a while to download
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